AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by 15,000 students from 241 cities in 40 countries all around Europe. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, and is not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are organized and run by volunteers. AEGEE Firenze is part of AEGEE Europe network.

Eventi AEGEE Firenze

At the discovery of Tuscany: trip to San Gimignano and Siena

At the discovery of Tuscany: trip to San Gimignano and Siena

With AEGEE at discovery of Siena and San Gimignano with many new friends!

Trip to San Marino by AEGEEE

Trip to San Marino by AEGEEE

Would you like to discover the ancient and fascinating Republic of San Marino with AEGEE??? San Marino is an UNESCO World Heritage and you can't miss this event

Trip to Perugia-Eurochocolate by AEGEE

Trip to Perugia-Eurochocolate by AEGEE

Hello! Perugia,with its views from the top of  the hill,is waiting for you want more??

!then we'll lost ourselves in delicious testings at the european chocolate exhibition(Eurochocolate)...what?more?


Gubbio&Assisi AEGEE trip

Gubbio&Assisi AEGEE trip

Discover Gubbio and Assisi with AEGEE

Eventi AEGEE Europe

Improve your skills!

Are you a master of skiing or snowboarding? Would you like to reach the top of the challenge? It’s your next goal pass NYE with Aegee Friends in a cottage surrounded by the Alps fairytale landscape?If you proudly reply “YES!!” read carefull and don’t hesistate to apply for our NYE 2017!

NWM Moskva - "Deal with it!"

Do you like games? Do you want to boost your skills by having fun in Moscow? Are you ready to check your knowledge about AEGEE and your fortitude during the legendary Russian winter? Then come to our Network Meeting and become a real AEGEE geek together with AEGEE-Moskva!

NWM Beograd: Keep it Bright in the White city!

What a better way to step in deeper into the fall than meeting your fellow Networkers? What a better reason to give than to reflect,evaluate,learn and plan? What a season would it be if not attending the event that serves to improve? ± Stay tuned, get involved. ±

NWM Barcelona - Let's be unnstoppable!

Are you thinking about how to improve your local? Do you want to share your knowledge? So it’s time to be unstoppable! This Network Meeting is the best way to spread your AEGEE spirit in an amazing location: a traditional countryside-house from the XVI century.

NWM Manchester - Reconnecting Europe

The whole continent is challenged by the spread of Euroscepticism. Are you ready to face the challenges that have raised? Spend 3 days in Manchester, UK and learn how to improve your local and how to tackle the new situation. Fun, Useful and in a perfect location!

Pre Agora Chișinău - Challenge your limits: Truth or dare?

When is the first time when you did something for the first time? AEGEE-Iași is challenging you to try something new, to step out your comfort zone, to discover the Romanian culture and our traditions. Do you dare ?

No REST în BuchaREST!

Join us for an all day all night party experience! There is No REST in BuchaREST! 7-10 october 2016

EOM Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth Election Observation Mission to the municipal elections in Bosnia And Herzegovina, 2 October 2016

NWM Ankara - Peace It Up In The City Of Lights

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced AEGEE member or just a new one... Everyone is more than welcome to join! Start your December with a bang, while learning more about AEGEE and helping your local grow stronger. And all these in the magical capital of Turkey, Ankara! We are waiting for YOU!

NWM Aachen - "It takes two bears to tango!"

NWM have the aim to reconnect locals to each other and strenghten the cooperation to the european level in AEGEE. Sessions about teambuilding and cooperation with european bodies are waiting for you, but we will also talk about Brexit and the cooperation in between the European Union.

NWM Leiden - Lexit: Break away from your regular life

Are you a completely new member or an experienced member of AEGEE? Network Meeting Leiden will be an event you won't forget! The program will be full of thematic and organisational topics. Disclaimer: During this break away you may pick up a strong AEGEE fever!

NWM Zielona Góra "Mission Possible"

Network Meeting Zielona Góra 2016 "Mission Possible" - 10-13.11.2016. We are waiting for you! Fee: 40 Euro Including: Host, 3 meals per day, welcome pack, City tour, social programme, T-shirt

NWM Cagliari: 'cause Sardinia is Rainbowlicious

Take a break from your local for 4 days to charge your batteries and spend some amazing time in the fabolous island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia. This is the chance for you to think how to plan and reach your local's goals. You'll spend some days full of learning and crazyness!

Pre-event to Agora Chișinău: Oops! We Lviv It Again! (bears edition)

Polar bears in Lviv? Sounds stupid? No, it is just another unforgettable pre-event by AEGEE-Lviv and AEGEE-Aachen. 4 awesome days in the charming and unique city of Lviv, lots of fun activities and just an experience you can't miss!

Pre-event to Agora Chisinau "Don't Mess with Kyiv"

The best pre-event of the Autumn Agora Chisinau 2016 waiting for you in Kyiv. Do you want to discover Ukrainian culture and history, modern art and cuisine & learn everything about Agora and AEGEE? We will do it with you during pre-event "Don't Mess with Kyiv"!