AEGEE is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by 15,000 students from 241 cities in 40 countries all around Europe. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, and is not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are organized and run by volunteers. AEGEE Firenze is part of AEGEE Europe network.

Eventi AEGEE Firenze

International AperiTandem +Karaoke 50's Style AEGEE Firenze

International AperiTandem +Karaoke 50's Style AEGEE Firenze

AEGEE Firenze invite you at our AperiTandem in a cool location 50's style!!! A room only for us for the Aperitivo and a room for Karaoke and dance! 

Eventi AEGEE Europe

Winter is NOT coming to Paradise

Get to know the islanders winter in 1 week! Leave behind all your worries and get prepared to welcome the New Year in a warm paradise surrounded by water, while the breeze of the sea kindly touches your skin and your pockets fill up with sand and salty memories.

Brexit - What Next?

First time in forever, all UK locals are working together to invite you to the conference on Brexit and its effects for youth on both sides of the Channel. Will the freedom of movement be limited? How will youth mobility be affected? Will Erasmus+ still exist in the UK? Come and find out yourself!

NWM Utrecht: The high-speed train to your AEGEE future!

Hop onto the high-speed train and join our Network Meeting, this time organised by AEGEE-Utrecht. A special one this time, since it will be coordinated by two Network Commissioners. Enjoy the beauty of the city of Utrecht while learning from your fellow AEGEEans, and improve your local!

NWM Banja Luka: On a Mission to Reconnect Baldria

Are you ready for a new AEGEE adventure? Do you want to get inspired while discovering a new culture? Are you ready to make bonds with 30 AEGEEans from Baldria locals & beyond? Do you want to improve yourself (& your local) & learn new skills? Are you ready to start new projects? YES? Then...

Run AEGEEan Run! #FortheLoveofEurAsia VOL2.

Get ready to CROSS 2 continents by FOOT on the Bosphorus Bridge!!! Run Aegeean RUN prepeare to conquer Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia much much more. Prepeare yourself to taste the best traditional food by our Cook!! PS:Bring your swimming suits İstanbul is always HOT ;)

NWM Alicante: Network Magic World

During this weekend you will live a different NWM, a NWM full of magic. Are you ready to live this experience? Then, keep reading!

NWM Gaziantep: Build the bridges into the Migrationside of Europe

You! Are you willing to do something different this Autumn? Hear us out! AEGEE-Gaziantep and Network Commission offers you an amazing experience with the chance of getting lots of knowledge which you can later use for improving your antenna, and most importantly yourself! Check it out.


Have you ever asked yourself how long Italy is? have you ever wondered how many times it could fit to Russia? If you’re now trying to connect the dots to figure out what the hell those question stick together for, you’re already on track. TRANSITALIAN DREAM: THAT’S THE ANSWER.

AEGEE Project Lab - Make your idea come true!

You want to organise a great local event or an international project? We show you how to do it!

NWM Passau - Into the Wild

What happens when you put 38 AEGEEans into a country house in the Bavarian forest for 4 days? Go into the wild and feel the spirit yourself!

NWM Napoli: L'Europe Toujours

Come and discover AEGEE in Napoli: a UNESCO site and one of the most beautiful shores in Italy. We are ready to welcome you with days of interactive sessions, but also our culture, food and loads of fun! Don't miss the chance to meet other AEGEEans and learn how to make your ideas come to life!

NWM Cluj Napoca- FireWork Your way to the Throne

Imagine we are fireworks. We climb and shine, above and below, going on simultaneously in space and time, light brightening both sky and water. But even if that time comes, let's not disappear like a firework and continue to shine forever, together!

NWM Kyїv: I believe in U!

This is a time to believe in yourself and find that power of yours. This is a time to feel the Ukrainian hospitality and enjoy Kyiv sunsets. This time, NWM Kyiv wants to empower young people from all corners of Europe.

NWM Sankt-Peterburg: Now Wake up and Move!

Put all your alarms on maximum not to miss the most energetic Network meeting of this autumn - Now Wake up and Move! In the cultural capital of Russia - outstanding Saint Petersburg - you'll get practical skills how to build strong antenna.

NWM Ioannina: Nightmare in the Winter Mansion

Autumn is coming... so get ready for the best experience you can have this season, Network Meetings! An autumn lake city, 30 AEGEEans and a Winter Mansion are waiting for you! Are you brave enough for this?

[PreAgoraEvent] Two Volcanoes is Mej che One

Have you ever wondered why two volcanoes is better than one? AEGEE-Napoli want you to find out why!

"Destination Calabria" Road to Agora...

Welcome to the land of Sun,Sea and Culture... Where everything become magic and fantastic... Welcome to Reggio Calabria