AEGEE è una delle più grandi associazioni studentesche interdisciplinari d'Europa; è rappresentata da 15.000 studenti, attivi in 241 città accademiche, in 40 paesi d'Europa, vantando così un'ineguagliabile varietà culturale. AEGEE è un'organizzazione secolare, senza fini di lucro, senza legami a partiti politici. Tutti i progetti e le attività sono basati sul lavoro volontario dei propri membri. AEGEE Firenze è parte integrante del network di AEGEE Europa.

Eventi AEGEE Firenze

Non ci sono eventi in programma nei prossimi giorni.

Eventi AEGEE Europe

Tutti gli eventi organizzati dalla nostra associazione in giro per l'Europa. Se sei un socio di AEGEE puoi partecipare ad ognuno di essi! Celebrazioni, eventi statutori, corsi, scambi, meeting, summer university, vacanze.. le altre Antenne europee dell'associazione organizzano eventi per i membri dell'associazione tutto l'anno. Dai un'occhiata qui!

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NWM Barcelona - Let's be unnstoppable!

Are you thinking about how to improve your local? Do you want to share your knowledge? So it’s time to be unstoppable! This Network Meeting is the best way to spread your AEGEE spirit in an amazing location: a traditional countryside-house from the XVI century.

NWM Manchester - Reconnecting Europe

The whole continent is challenged by the spread of Euroscepticism. Are you ready to face the challenges that have raised? Spend 3 days in Manchester, UK and learn how to improve your local and how to tackle the new situation. Fun, Useful and in a perfect location!

Pre-event to Agora Chișinău: Oops! We Lviv It Again! (bears edition)

Polar bears in Lviv? Sounds stupid? No, it is just another unforgettable pre-event by AEGEE-Lviv and AEGEE-Aachen. 4 awesome days in the charming and unique city of Lviv, lots of fun activities and just an experience you can't miss!

NWM Ploieşti - Racking up milestones

We as AEGEEans have contributed a lot over time to the development of a tolerant and borderless Europe. In the context of what happens in the world today, AEGEE Ploieşti invites you to the discover what AEGEE has done for Europe until now and to brainstorm on what we can do next.

AEGEE Ideas Factory / Planning Meeting León

Here is your chance to get involved in the AEGEE Ideas Factory / Planning Meeting 2016 that happens every 3 years and gives space for AEGEEans to come together to assess and analyze our thematic activities and find solutions to the current challenges AEGEE and Europe are facing.

Health4Youth, Health4AEGEE Health4Me!

A very healthy and inspirational weekend, to share with each other knowledge and best practices on different health issues - from diets, through relaxing and sleep, to sport. Also, we will brainstorm on future initiatives and record a funny aerobic video. Sounds like fun? It will definitely be fun!

Start thinking Start drinking Spritz Grappa & more vol.2

This event will introduce you to our regional food and drink culture by different activities.We would like to raise awarness about balaced consumptions of alchool as a practice to know new cultures and as a tool to enjoy and share moments with others.

NWM Zielona Góra "Mission Possible"

Network Meeting Zielona Góra 2016 "Mission Possible" - 10-13.11.2016. We are waiting for you! Fee: 40 Euro Including: Host, 3 meals per day, welcome pack, City tour, social programme, T-shirt

NWM Cagliari: 'cause Sardinia is Rainbowlicious

Take a break from your local for 4 days to charge your batteries and spend some amazing time in the fabolous island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia. This is the chance for you to think how to plan and reach your local's goals. You'll spend some days full of learning and crazyness!

EOM Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth Election Observation Mission to the municipal elections in Bosnia And Herzegovina, 2 October 2016

RTC Lviv: Catch them all!

AEGEE-Lviv is glad to present you our upcoming RTC "Catch them all!" 4 days in a great company full of trainings about HR combined with the beauty and loveliness of Lviv. Give your autumn unforgettable start!

The AEGEE-Valletta Summer Event - Reloaded

AEGEE-Valletta is proud to present this year's Summer Event, designed entirely to blow your minds! Following in last year's footsteps, we are inviting 100 other friends from all the corners of Europe for an amazing summer event!

The Fellowship of the Golden Ring

In the pursuit of greatness follow the path through the unknown lands full of adventures, unexpected discoveries, mysterious meetings and serious challenges. The path which will reveal you the secrets of endless energy and power. Will you dare to follow it?