AEGEE è una delle più grandi associazioni studentesche interdisciplinari d'Europa; è rappresentata da 15.000 studenti, attivi in 241 città accademiche, in 40 paesi d'Europa, vantando così un'ineguagliabile varietà culturale. AEGEE è un'organizzazione secolare, senza fini di lucro, senza legami a partiti politici. Tutti i progetti e le attività sono basati sul lavoro volontario dei propri membri. AEGEE Firenze è parte integrante del network di AEGEE Europa.

Eventi AEGEE Firenze

Feste, eventi associativi, incontri, scambi di conversazione, gite. Tutto quello che i ragazzi di AEGEE Firenze organizzano durante l'anno per gli studenti di Firenze!

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International AperiTandem + Karaoke party by AEGEE

International AperiTandem + Karaoke party by AEGEE

International aperitivo + karaoke + party @ Blue Velvet
tutti i martedì sera!

Gubbio&Assisi AEGEE trip

Gubbio&Assisi AEGEE trip

AEGEE ti porta alla scoperta delle meraviglie di Gubbio e Assisi

Eventi AEGEE Europe

Tutti gli eventi organizzati dalla nostra associazione in giro per l'Europa. Se sei un socio di AEGEE puoi partecipare ad ognuno di essi! Celebrazioni, eventi statutori, corsi, scambi, meeting, summer university, vacanze.. le altre Antenne europee dell'associazione organizzano eventi per i membri dell'associazione tutto l'anno. Dai un'occhiata qui!

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Whatever Floats Your Rainboat!

Discover Amsterdam in the Dutchest way possible during this winterwonderful event! Cruise our canals, ride a bike through the city and take a try at ice-skating. Through this event you will get to know more about LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transsexual and more) in Europe.

NYE: Dutch Up Your Bucketlist

Did you always want to cross some things of your bucketlist? Together with the adventurous members of AEGEE-Utrecht and together with more likeminded aegeans you will discover beautiful Utrecht during winter time and celebrate new years eve with us in adventure style. Come join us! If you dare....

Improve your skills!

Are you a master of skiing or snowboarding? Would you like to reach the top of the challenge? It’s your next goal pass NYE with Aegee Friends in a cottage surrounded by the Alps fairytale landscape?If you proudly reply “YES!!” read carefull and don’t hesistate to apply for our NYE 2017!

NYE: Neapolis on fire: a Nap(less) experience!

Get ready to discover the hottest city in the world for the NYE! Meet the Neapolitan culture and find out our crazy traditions to let the new year start in the luckiest way possible!

Zagreb ADVENTure: Walking in the Christmas Wonderland

Remember Zagreb, the city of million hearts? Come and see what it looks like under million lights in the most beautiful time of the year, the time of Advent! We'll take you through this magical wonderland of Christmas markets, traditional food, music and friendly locals full of Christmas spirit!

NWM Ankara - Peace It Up In The City Of Lights

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced AEGEE member or just a new one... Everyone is more than welcome to join! Start your December with a bang, while learning more about AEGEE and helping your local grow stronger. And all these in the magical capital of Turkey, Ankara! We are waiting for YOU!

NWM Aachen - "It takes two bears to tango!"

NWM have the aim to reconnect locals to each other and strenghten the cooperation to the european level in AEGEE. Sessions about teambuilding and cooperation with european bodies are waiting for you, but we will also talk about Brexit and the cooperation in between the European Union.

NWM Leiden - Lexit: Break away from your regular life

APPLICATION IS CLOSED! Only still apply if you received an e-mail from the organisers asking you to apply via intranet.

NWM Zielona Góra "Mission Possible"

Network Meeting Zielona Góra 2016 "Mission Possible" - 10-13.11.2016. We are waiting for you! Fee: 40 Euro Including: Host, 3 meals per day, welcome pack, City tour, social programme, T-shirt

NWM Cagliari: 'cause Sardinia is Rainbowlicious

Take a break from your local for 4 days to charge your batteries and spend some amazing time in the fabolous island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia. This is the chance for you to think how to plan and reach your local's goals. You'll spend some days full of learning and crazyness!

WinUp: It's Snow Time- Deluxe edition

All-inclusive Balkan Deluxe Tour: two capitals and the best Balkan ski centre! Celebrate the New Year Eve together with 30 other adventurers in Skopje. Visit Sofia and ski on Pirin Mountain. No sleeping bags or mattresses, Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, swimming, SPA, sightseeing…

NYE - Be the bravest in Budapest!

Join our New Year's Event and we will help you reach your breaking point! What can we offer? The beautiful historic view during the days and daring parties during the nights! After all, Budapest is most famous of its playful nightlife, relaxing spas and our deadly pálinka.

Neapolis on fire: a Nap(less) experience!

Get ready for discover the hottest city in the world for the NYE! Meet the Neapolitan culture and find out our crazy traditions to let the new year start in the luckiest way possible!

New Year's Event: Go BIG or go home

70 participants, 8 days in awesome Maribor, 3 days of skiing/snowboarding, 7 parties with the best people from AEGEE, visiting beautiful Bled and Ljubljana and that’s not even all.

Develop Yourself 3

Develop Yourself 3 get's you what all enterprises look for: How do I hold a speech? What personality types are there? How can I solve conflicts? If you always wanted to learn about these key skills, don't miss this training course!

NWM Moskva - "Deal with it!"

Do you like games? Do you want to boost your skills by having fun in Moscow? Are you ready to check your knowledge about AEGEE and your fortitude during the legendary Russian winter? Then come to our Network Meeting and become a real AEGEE geek together with AEGEE-Moskva!

NWM Beograd: Keep it Bright in the White city!

What a better way to step in deeper into the fall than meeting your fellow Networkers? What a better reason to give than to reflect,evaluate,learn and plan? What a season would it be if not attending the event that serves to improve? ± Stay tuned, get involved. ±

NWM Barcelona - Let's be unnstoppable!

Are you thinking about how to improve your local? Do you want to share your knowledge? So it’s time to be unstoppable! This Network Meeting is the best way to spread your AEGEE spirit in an amazing location: a traditional countryside-house from the XVI century.

NWM Manchester - Reconnecting Europe

The whole continent is challenged by the spread of Euroscepticism. Are you ready to face the challenges that have raised? Spend 3 days in Manchester, UK and learn how to improve your local and how to tackle the new situation. Fun, Useful and in a perfect location!